Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Random Q and A, and some random.

So, i have decided to answer some question, that me, as in myself, have created, all on my own ! *applause*
I know, im great.
I was supposed to vlog today. Which didnt happen, because of the simple fact that is.. well, me and my girlfriend had some trouble today... Dont worry, it's fixed, but i was so down because of it. So no vlog's today. lol. For the Q and A's.
Q. So, being on the internet, you must be a fatso, living in your mother's basement. 'cause, thats the story for everybody on the net right?
A. No. Actually... Im a sickly skinny *as in i might die if i lose 6 pounds* guy, who's going on a special school *not "special" special* where i live at, and is gonna live on until summer. And the school's speciality is Music and Theater. Im on the music line. In my own band. As lead singer. F yea.

Q. Why do you wanna vlog, you imbecile?
A. Well, becuase i love the idea of running around with a camera, and talking about stuff that i find interesting, and wanna share with the world. And the fact that people will actually listen.

Q. Wait. "running around with a camera" ? Isn't vlogging where you sit down infront of your camera and talk?
A. Well, yesh. But i find the guys 'n girls who walk around with the camera alot more interesting. so i wanna do that lolz.

Q. Where do i find said videos?
A. Youtube, you moron :) *Pro tip: just search TheRoseAndItsWings on youtube*

Now a question for you:
In the comments, write subjects that you wanna hear about in my vlogs. And if you want to, i can promote your account.

TheRoseAndItsWings, signing out.


  1. talk about your music =)
    check out my blog if your intrested in some t-shirt designs :>

  2. Very interesting, keep up the cool blog!

  3. who did the questions? this doesnt look like a facebook questionaire

  4. Maybe I've missed previous blogs about the kind of music you sing, but maybe you can write about what it's like to be in a band. Great post.