Thursday, 11 November 2010

Math... Burn in hell.

So yea, i had a math test thingie today. And im going to have another one tommorow. A big one at that.

Sitting here... Listening to Touchdown Turnaround by Hellogoodbye... Well, it's peaceful. And i have the next 1½ hours off, so i think im gonna vlog.
Anyways guuuuys, i really dont have much to say today. Im kinda down.. For no reason at all, that's the weird part. But for those of you who actually reads my post's... Thank you :) I feel like somebody actually cares. Even though you dont. It's still nice :b

One last note is, that i have gotten into the monetise system thingie. So if you wanna help me out in the financial way, maybe click on some ad's on my page or something. You dont have to, but i would appreciate it :D

Anyways, TheRoseAndItsWings, signing out. Later.

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