Saturday, 6 November 2010

300 hours of life wasted.

So today i looked at my steam library of games, and saw that i have been playing tf2 for over 300 hours. My mind instantly blew the f*ck up, and i realised i needed to get a life... So i played it some more.

Tonight im going to a Saw marathon in the local movie theater. All the Saw films, plus the new one, with no breaks, all night. It's gonna be a big bucket of fun times.
Random fact: THX, the sound thingie, has giving the award of best movie theater sound, to the one in my town. And that is unbelieveably awesome.


  1. haha, yeah i hate looking at the hours counters on games now, especially steam since you can add them all

  2. about the saw thing, if the theater where i live did that. i would litterally plan months ahead of time just to make sure i was able to go lol

    about the tf2 thing, dont feel to bad, ask your local wow player what his /played time is. your mind might asplode:P