Sunday, 6 March 2011

Oh god i'm back!

Hello everybody!

It has been a long time now, have it not? So yea, alot of stuff has happened since the last time i wrote. I am now loaded with a happier personality, and the feeling that i wanna do something! And i have finally decided, that i wanna be a let's player! Now all i need is a grand new headset, which i will soon have the money to buy, and a decent program which i can record on my computer with. And no, i dont use fraps... My computer does not like it.

So, i have a question for you! Please write a comment, if you know a rather good recording program! And if you want me too, i can mention you in the let's play that i am planning to do!

That is all for now, thank you for reading, and see you later!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

That wasn't that bad?

So. The body waxing incident wasnt that bad. It actually didnt hurt... As much as i had pictured it too. But still, i now have no more hair on my chest, under my bellybutton and i have a few bald spots on my ass.

Well, i talked about a video. We did film it. But the moron who filmed, pretty much stuck the camera in my ass. So i dont think that it will get approved by youtube. But dont be sad. Most of you wouldnt even understand what we were saying. I am Danish after all.

Anyways, this was a short message from TheRoseAndItsWings. Imma signing out.

Monday, 22 November 2010

What have i gotten myself into?!

So guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys 'n giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls... I have agreed to get a Full Body Wax. By some girls on my school. Later today. FULL BODY. AND I AM F*CKING HAIRY.

And yes, i will provide a video, if it gets recorded. No matter what i will post a blog later today, talking about the outcome. In a weird way, i am kinda excited. It's gonna be sh*t loads of fun.

Aaaaaaaaand, in about 1 hour, most of my school mates and i, are gonna watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh yea. That movie is just pure awesomeness.

I dont really have anything else to say soooo...

This was TheRoseAndItsWings, signing out.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Oh Sh*t ! Havnt vlogged in 3 DAYS ! oh god !

So guys, this has been one hell of a weekend. My entire school had a Roleplaying Weekend, where those of us who wanted, learned different kinds of roleplaying, and did alot of roleplaying ourselves.

I now know the basics of being a GameMaster.

Anyways, what i wanted to write about, is 2 things.

Firstly, the first roleplay i participated in was... Amnesia: The Dark Decent. Yes. A roleplaying version of that game. 6 Playing Characters and 1 GameMaster. We where sitting in our GIGANTIC theater hall. 7 people around the table, 5 candles. And this was not a Around The Table game with dice. It was all oral. And some acting, 'cause it was Amnesia, we were getting insane. I nearly shat myself up to 5 times. And the best part? This was the least scary story, our GameMaster has ever made. And he's coming back in a month or two, and i challenged him. The challenge was, that if he made one that could literally make me break down mentally for some time *he has done that before, therefore our story wasnt as scary* i would give him 100kr. And that's about 20 dollars. And the ending blew my mind. There's only one character in Amnesia: The Dark Decent. And that's Daniel. To our knowledge one of us where Daniel. We all drew a card, looked at it, and saw which character we were. I picked Dan. But at the end, Daniel should raise his hand. And all 6 of us raised our hands. And our minds were spread all over the walls and ceilings. In this version, Dan was a skizophrenic. And we all controlled him as 6 people. It was nice.

Secondly, there was Zombie Live, and Epic Zombie Live. Epic Zombie Live got cancel'd because of trouble with everything, so that's gonna wait 'till they come again. But zombie live.

Picture this scenario: 4 zombies spread out at random on a big school. 56 students running around in COMPLETE DARKNESS, WHERE THE ONLY THING WE HEARD WERE THE SCREAMS OF THE ZOMBIES. It was, without a doubt, the scariest f*cking thing i have ever tried... Picture that you, and 2 of your friends are fumbling around in the dark. You hear a silent *...Swiiizh...* beside you. Then a horrible, gut wrenching scream, that can only be described as a cat getting run over... for 5 seconds. That's what it was like friday and saturday night. We stopped at about 3am.

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TheRoseAndItsWings Signing out.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Math... Burn in hell.

So yea, i had a math test thingie today. And im going to have another one tommorow. A big one at that.

Sitting here... Listening to Touchdown Turnaround by Hellogoodbye... Well, it's peaceful. And i have the next 1½ hours off, so i think im gonna vlog.
Anyways guuuuys, i really dont have much to say today. Im kinda down.. For no reason at all, that's the weird part. But for those of you who actually reads my post's... Thank you :) I feel like somebody actually cares. Even though you dont. It's still nice :b

One last note is, that i have gotten into the monetise system thingie. So if you wanna help me out in the financial way, maybe click on some ad's on my page or something. You dont have to, but i would appreciate it :D

Anyways, TheRoseAndItsWings, signing out. Later.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Random Q and A, and some random.

So, i have decided to answer some question, that me, as in myself, have created, all on my own ! *applause*
I know, im great.
I was supposed to vlog today. Which didnt happen, because of the simple fact that is.. well, me and my girlfriend had some trouble today... Dont worry, it's fixed, but i was so down because of it. So no vlog's today. lol. For the Q and A's.
Q. So, being on the internet, you must be a fatso, living in your mother's basement. 'cause, thats the story for everybody on the net right?
A. No. Actually... Im a sickly skinny *as in i might die if i lose 6 pounds* guy, who's going on a special school *not "special" special* where i live at, and is gonna live on until summer. And the school's speciality is Music and Theater. Im on the music line. In my own band. As lead singer. F yea.

Q. Why do you wanna vlog, you imbecile?
A. Well, becuase i love the idea of running around with a camera, and talking about stuff that i find interesting, and wanna share with the world. And the fact that people will actually listen.

Q. Wait. "running around with a camera" ? Isn't vlogging where you sit down infront of your camera and talk?
A. Well, yesh. But i find the guys 'n girls who walk around with the camera alot more interesting. so i wanna do that lolz.

Q. Where do i find said videos?
A. Youtube, you moron :) *Pro tip: just search TheRoseAndItsWings on youtube*

Now a question for you:
In the comments, write subjects that you wanna hear about in my vlogs. And if you want to, i can promote your account.

TheRoseAndItsWings, signing out.

Monday, 8 November 2010


So, today i FINALLY found my video camera ! And that is great news, 'cause now i can start recording vlog's. Now i just have to find the free time to do it. Which'll be hard. But oh well, i'll get it done.

In other news, i had a somewhat great halloween. And by halloween, i mean the TF2 helloween event. I got 3 mask's... and that was about it. lol. But yea, and by the end of the week, friday, my dad will give me a small sum of money. Just because.

The Rose And Its Wings, signing out.